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iOS 11 --- Your device is getting an update

March 14, 2021

iOS 11 was released worldwide today which means your device is about to change. It's good to get to know these changes and new features before updating as well preparing your device to ensure it's running like a boss.

Let me guess, you just woke up and you're running through your normal routine of checking social media, having a quick glance at the news and ensuring there are none of those little red dots against any of your apps...During that important routine you either noticed a small red dot on the Settings app OR your device annoyingly interrupted you to say "A software update is available"...

That update is iOS 11 and it's actually pretty cool (especially for iPads!).

I'm going to give you a quick overview of all the new features (on the iPhone only sorry) you'll receive and a few tips/tricks you should probably checkout before installing.

Spring Clean --- Ensuring your device is ready for iOS 11

There are a few things you can do to ensure your device is ready for iOS 11. These not only prevent issues they help to keep your device running as fast and as smooth possible.

  1. Free up space
    The update its self will be at least 1.5GB and probably require you to have at least 4GB free. Even if you have plenty of space, take this time to go through your photos, videos and apps and remove anything you don't actually need or no longer use. Yes, you only need 1 version of that selfie you took yesterday. This will free up space for the update and all the newselfies you'll be taking.
  2. Back up
    Now, back in the days this step was pretty important but these days you can be pretty confident an update to iOS wont delete all your stuff. Most people actually have automatic backups (to iCloud) on anyway which means they should have a recent copy. If you haven't got this feature enabled and have the fear, maybe do a manual back up just incase.
  3. Remove incompatible apps
    Believe it or not even though you can run an app, it might not actually be compatible with your iOS version (32bit vs 64bit) and can actually cause your deivce to have all sorts of problems e.g. speed, battery etc. Thankfully Apple allows us to quickly check all your apps and list the ones that should be removed. To do so just visit: Settings > General > About > Applications you'll see the list of apps that might affect you device, if you don't, you may pass go and collect $200.

Update! You may now begin your update but don't forget to checkout all the new features of iOS 11 below. You will be quizzed!

iOS 11  -  what you'll actually care about

As with any major update to iOS there are 1000's of new features, issues resolved and changes. Below you'll find the updates that'll likely affect your day to day use.

🔥 Control Center

Probably the feature most people will be talking about after updating. The Control Centre gets a major makeover and it even now lets you customise what's displayed as well as the ordering they appear in. Don't forget to use your 3D touch here to access a bunch more options.

🔥 Live Photos

You know that awesome feature that captures a mini movie when you take a photo? Well now you can even customise them. After taking a photo (with Live Photo enable) you can then edit the image and select from Loop, Bounce or Long Exposure. Loop will create a video from that live photo that keeps...looping. Bounce will play and then rebound it right back to the start in reverse (perfect for all those fail pics). Long Exposure will allow you to take photos of light and movement for some amazing results.

🔥 Major App Store Update

The App Store hasn't been updated in a long long time. Until now. Apple have completely overhauled the store with clearer typography, all the important information you want to see is brought forward and you'll find it much easier to find new and exciting content. Just watch out for the Ads :/

🔥 Siri Gone Got Smarter

Siri received a decent upgrade in iOS 11, including the ability to write your question or request instead of speaking. She can also now translate for you! If you feel like some chill music you can now tell Siri because she's also a DJ.\ Siri is now also integrated deeper into iOS for example she'll learn how you type and remember things you've viewed and bring these forward when typing messages etc.

🔥 Apple Music Gets Social

Finally right? I'm a big fan of Apple Music but it's always missed some decent social features. You can now add friends, view their playlists, see what they're listening to and vice versa. Be careful though, this means your mates can see all that Bieber you've been playing.

🔥 AirPlay 2

If you love to stream music all around your house well it just got a shit tonne easier. AirPlay 2 lets you play a song via multiple speakers around your house or office. All in sync, using a fancy new interface.

🔥 More Live Filters

If you haven't tried the iOS live filters when taking a photo you're missing out! And with iOS 11 they're even better, especially with Portrait mode. No more Instagram filters or post production.

🔥 Lock Screen

The Lock Screen gets a minor update to how it works. To view all notifications you now swipe up. This allows you see the most recent notifications plus the ones you may have missed, all in one screen. It might take a little bit of getting use to though!

🔥 Do Not Disturb Me I'm Driving

There's a very clever feature which is based on the existing Do Not Disturb feature but is for driving. Once enabled it will detect when your driving and if so prevent any distracting notifications being displayed on your device. Don't worry though you can still except calls or messages from important people or if someone calls twice it will still get through. Turn this on, you shouldn't be using your device while driving anyway!

🔥 Other Updates Worth A Mention

You'll also notice a bunch of other features and changes of course. For example screenshots are now easier to save and edit, quick screen recordings via control centre, a new one-handed keyboard (Quicktype), persistent notifications (require action before they disappear), document scanning in the Notes app and they even threw in a few extra iMessage effects. Happy Days!