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The ultimate tech for you and your new furry friend

September 2, 2018

Gone are the days where you have to sit at work guessing what your pet is up to at home...

Big brother

We've all had that moment when we're sitting at work or in class wondering what our pet(s) are getting up to while we're not around...Are they digging trying to get out? Are they doing something cute you're missing out on? Who knows...

Most pets are at home while their owners bring home the bacon so to speak (unless you're a lucky bastard who has a flexible job and can work remotely) so chances are your wee furry friend is home alone for 6+ hours a day.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) or "Smart Homes", there are plenty of devices that don't cost a fortune, that allow you to keep an eye on (and even talk to) your pet. Yup, you can now play big brother and always know what they're getting up while you're not around!


PetCube make some slick looking pet tech, they have two devices to choose from, all which come in gorgeous colors.

The first one being the Petcube Play, which lets you monitor your pet via 1080 HD video, communicate via 2-way audio (yes they can hear you and you can hear them!) and it even has an interactive laser pointer that you can control remotely. Fricken cool right?

They also have have a larger device called Petcube Bites. This one has similar features including 2-way audio, HD video but instead of the laser pointer, the Petcube Bites can fling out treats to your pet! Simply load in a few treats before you leave for the day and you can remotely treat your dog when you feel like it. Take my money Petcube, take it all!

Oh and both devices are controlled via an app packed full of more features!


The new Furbo dog camera is pretty epic. It includes HD video with infrared night vision, 2-way audio, a treat dispenser and it has some very clever automated notifications, like the barking alert which automatically sends a photo if your dog makes a certain amount of noise. Bad dog!

Being primarily made for dogs the Furbo is sturdy in design but looks great at the same time. It has adhesive feet that can hold up to 20kg for those more aggressive doggos. Go check it out, your dog will thank you for it!

A virtual friend for when You're not around

Dogs get lonely. They're pack animals so it's understandable they get a bit bored and lonely when their leader(s) leave for the day. Thankfully you can help keep them occupied with the help of some automated toys.


iFetch know how to entertain pets. They have 3 products that all basically play fetch with your dog to keep it entertained, fit and happy.

The first product is their iFetch original, it can launch miniature tennis balls up to 30 feet and can either be plugged in via an AC adapter (only when suppervised) or via batteries. The newer iFetch Too can launch balls further and can also work with standard sized tennis balls. The iFetch Too has a rechargeable battery that's capable of 300 launches making it perfect for outside and especially great for larger dogs.

They also offer a toy called the iFetch Frenzy which is a gravity-driven ball dispenser, your dog simply has to drop the ball in the hole and it will roll out of any 3 holes, keeping your dog guessing and having plenty of fun. The advantage of the Frenzy is it requires no power and it perfect for smaller dogs that may be inside.


Ok this one isn't just a toy that will keep your pet entertained it will also mental stimulate and challenge your pet while your away (or home). CleverPet is like a gaming console for your dog (maybe cat?). Basically your pet has to figure out the challenge in order to receive its treat.

One of the latest challenges is where your pet has to make each light the same color by touching it with its paw or nose. The health benefits from a device like this are scientifically proven to make your pet smarter and more importantly healthier! A must have if you ask me.

Looking after their health

It's important to keep your dog fit and healthy and just like for us humans, there are plenty of devices that can help assist with this.


Another very cool wearable for your dog is the FitBark 2. This device tracks your dogs activity via a wearable collar which is connected to an app. You can see helpful stats like how active your pet has been, how much play he or she has had and equally as important, how much rest they've had. On the app you can set a daily goal (e.g. get 5000 points) and then help your dog acheive their goal via exercise and rest.

You, yourself can also use the app to make it more of a team goal, it can sync with Apple HealthKit or Google Health. Pretty cool! It's of course super durable, waterproof and the battery lasts 6 months. Go on, get one!


We've all probably owned a Fitbit in our lives or some sort of wearable device that tries to tell us we're being lazy...Well now your dog can have the same experience. WÜF is an activity tracker that your dog wears as a collar, it can track its movement via GPS/cellular signals, you can set boundaries to know if your dog has escaped and you can even train your dog using the app's free training programs. The collar is durable, water-resistent and available in many colors.

It's currently in private beta but they're accepting pre-orders so get in quick to lock in a cheap pre-launch price ;)

No unwanted visitors

Have you ever come home to a random stray cat or dog in your home due to it figuring out you have a nice door it can use? Thankfully that doesn't have to be a problem thanks to internet connect, microchipped enabled, pet doors!


The team over at SurePet have some wicked products you should check out but their dog & cat doors are what I'm talking about. Both the dog and cat doors work via detecting nearby microchips or if your pet isn't microchipped then you can attach an RFID chip to its collar. You can also set curfew modes to allow your pet to go in and out at set times during the day.

They have a small size for cats and a slightly larger size for small to medium dogs but don't unfortunately have a door for larger dogs yet (hopefully soon!). It's a great addition to your pets home and ensures not only your pets safety but your own home security as well.

Bonus: NEWS: the SureFlap can also be connected to the internet which means you can control it remotely via an app and receive notifications!

PetSafe SmartDoor

Similar to the SureFlap, PetSafe's SmartDoor works via a SmartKey that is connected to your pets collar. It will open only for you pet who is wearing the SmartKey keeping unwanted visitors away!

Although it's not as feature rich as the SureFlap it does win on price, at only $99 it's an affordable solution to annoying problem. It also has the advantage of coming in two sizes, one small and one large, the large being suitable for dogs up to 40kgs!