Kia ora. Hi there.

My name is Myles Beardsmore. A senior full-stack web developer based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

With over 12 years experience, I develop solutions for brands using the latest techniques and frameworks from start to finish. During the day you'll find me working as a tech lead at a Christchurch based agency called Plato Creative. This role involves me mentoring fellow developers, technology selection, full-stack web development, overseeing of the dev processes and writing technical specifications & estimates.

Quick links → Github, LinkedIn, Twitter

Specialities / What I do


Develop applications where the presentation layer is decoupled from the content (body). Giving you frontend freedom and scalability.


Run code on-demand without needing to manage your own infrastructure, provision servers, or upgrade hardware. Note, servers are still actually used...


A static website uses server-side rendering to serve pre-built pages to a web browser. This can be a great solution for sites with large amounts of traffic.


Experienced developing e-commerce sites either using off-the-shelf platforms or custom made applications.


I've built 100's of sites using a variety of Content Management Systems. Content Modelling is an underated skill.


Making custom applications is my bread and butter. From the initial planning to deployment, I'm your guy.

Preferred tools / What I use

Laravel PHP →

Any PHP developers go-to framework. It allows you to build literally anything you can think of with its epic ecosystem.

Next.js →

The gold standard javascript framework for anything from static sites to full blown web applications. A game changer.

Vue.js →

Have something that requires complex interactivity? Vue is my go to when React isn't an option.

Sanity.io →

My favourite of all headless CMS's. Sanity is cheap, high customisable, fun to use and leders in their industry.

Craft CMS →

Craft lets you model content however you want. From simple to even large multi-lingual sites Craft does it well.

Shopify →

The leader in the e-comm space. Often my go-to platform as it supports headless and can scale with my clients.

Recent Thoughts & Projects

Developing henrys.co.nz using Craft Commerce Project

A project completed while at Plato Creative for henrys.co.nz, a Craft Commerce build with many integrations and custom checkout flow.

March 01, 2021

My First Podcast Experience Thought

My good friends Benet Hitchcock and Josh Smith recently invited me onto their #webdev podcast to chat about all things Laravel, Craft CMS and the JAMstack.

January 1, 2020

The Abandoned Cart Plugin for Craft Commerce 2 Project

Most e-commerce websites benefit by simply reminding potential customers that their cart is still available as it increases revenue without any effort at all.

March 1, 2019

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